Do you want me to tell them?

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I'm waiting for the day that we eat breakfast together.

We telegraphed him the news.

Her words were wholly void of meaning.

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Although I slept uninterrupted for 12 hours last night, I still feel pretty tired.

Everybody but Real is already here.

She fell in love with him at first sight.

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I think it's good.

What will we do about it?

I don't see what the problem is.

English has become an international language.

It is wise of you to ask me for advice.

This book has many pictures.

That would've hurt.

I always walk.

They gave him both material and spiritual support.


I want to buy a black one.

Chip hasn't cleaned his gun in a long time.

In Soviet Russia, the computer uses the user!


Why were they chosen?

She smiled and said goodbye.

The wait was too long.

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Kindly clear the table after your meal.

We don't have to buy from that store anymore.

Soon after she became a lawyer, she wouldn't even give her old friends the time of day.

Note that the maximum doesn't always exist.

He probably has a girlfriend already.


Did they enjoy their holiday in Scotland?


Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

Phillip fell in love with Lea at first sight.

I don't mind sleeping on the couch.

We waited there all night.

Josip cut Wendi's picture out of the magazine.

He said the truth.

The odds are in his favor.

It is kind of you to give me a birthday present.

I don't study as much as my parents tell me I should.

This dog is bigger.

I think Merril can speak French. I could be wrong, though.

I don't think we have much time.

A gaze can tell anything.


I don't have any another choice.

Jorge doesn't know when Clifford left.

In those days, I played tennis with Jeanette every day.

You can tell her.

Have your roses come out yet?

He's relaxing at home.

The cerebral cortex is made up of gray matter.

It is necessary for you to see a doctor at once.

He made ten blunders in as many lines.


I saw him tonight.

I thought Sheila would go to Boston to see Becky.

I am going to the post office to buy stamps.

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I don't want him to work with us.

In addition, our experiments are consistent with our theoretical results.

Micah paused briefly.

I am washing my hands because I have dirty hands.

His pneumonia was cured through a divine miracle.


Dana made me chuckle.

I haven't eaten any meat since I was fifteen years old.

Who taught you French?

I don't have any debt.

Whatever he told you, it's not true.

John couldn't play the guitar.

Only one moment of my life was enough to manage to know and love you, but my entire life would not be enough to manage to forget you.


I was tortured.

Evan probably didn't hear you.

Hold on to the handrail.

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"G" is an upper-case character.

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Do you want some of this?

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We've known about this problem for a long time.


They're doing fine.

He spends a lot of time on the phone.

She washed the blood off her hands.

He's my cousin.

The situation became very dire.

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She forgot to lock the door.

Animals have bodies largely composed of fluid.

She uncorked a bottle.

The earthquake caused a catastrophe greater than any the country had ever known.

I have taken all my time to study your behavior. In the end, I found where your weakness was, and I used it against you.

That's acceptable.

I've got something I need to do.

She would like to make an appointment to see the doctor.

Although his pet spider was big, hairy and ugly, Dan always called it "my beauty."


Raymond and Marci don't like you.


We don't want Cathy to see you anymore.


Don't you touch me.


What was there to see?

Jiri isn't a history major.

She had a perfect alibi.

I plan to go to Boston next Monday to see Edmond.

I'm going to go get cleaned up.

The movie first reached movie screens in 1999.

We're not moving.

You're lying and you're not very good at it.

How do I explain that to Jayesh?

Donnie was admitted into the hospital.

Does Suzanne know that Mariou is his mother?

It scares the shit out of me.

I've been having difficulty sleeping.


I regret having said that to him.

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Moore doesn't have to go anywhere.

I can't do anything for her.

He is an influence in politics.

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Shahid is in the basement.

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I had seen little of Lanny lately.

Nobody listened to me.

"Sky" and "heart" are terms of endearment in Spanish.

I got your letter yesterday.

Don't even talk to him.

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To speak the same language doesn't mean having the same opinion.


The management tended to be too concerned about short-term improvement of the bottom line to have any long-term design for the future.

He had heard some other stories.

Being happy always reminded her of her loss.


People who think they can do anything are generally good for nothing.

I searched, but I didn't find it.

Aimee has no experience.

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You've set a bad example.

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The estate was adjudged to the oldest son.

I want everyone to know that I'm not a murderer.

Mom, when's supper?

I only wanted to forget.

I think you've made a mistake.

At least being sick gives you the perfect excuse to stay home and watch movies.

Why isn't anything happening?

Where should we dispose of the waste?

Let's take a chance and go for broke.

This electronic toilet comes with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Vadim hung up his coat.

Macedonia is called "Makedonija" in Macedonian.

Shouldn't this steel be tempered?

I'll take a nap after lunch.

When Vladislav leaves at night, he turns on the burglar alarm.

I have to get to class.

So the doctor started to examine her.

He is just to a person.

Make some noise!

Jinchao looked like death warmed up after going on a three-day bender.

What are you guys planning?

Don't do anything you'll regret later.

Let's not worry about that until we have to.


We found them here.


Is there another way out of here?

I need to shave.

Don't be so stupid.

They bought it.

Masako usually walks to school.

Agatha might have missed the train. He hasn't arrived yet.

Algebra is my favorite subject.


We should get more information.

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Heinrich sounded slightly jealous.

Don't feel sorry for Shane.

The quiver was red.

Gordon asked me if he could hold my hand.

You can stay with us for the time being.

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Sidney is sitting by the campfire.


Michelle seems to be fussy.

I wish you had told me when to come.

I had to swallow my pride.


No matter whose money this is, I am keeping it! Finders keepers!