Even if God didn't exist, it would be again nice to have been created.

The climate of Japan is not like that of England.

I've taken the first step.

Mehrdad told me he didn't actually want to do that.


She thinks about cocks all the time.

Heavy sound is being looked for.

Ned is persevering.

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Find out what Mehrdad wants.

Have you studied abroad?

That's not all Deirdre said.

What do you think of our love?

I don't know why Suwandi didn't come and I don't want to ask him.

Vilhelm and Hal have a long distance relationship.

I didn't even know about that ship until I got back.

They're talking to Antonella.

Can I hire a guide who speaks Japanese?


Sanche is still a member of our club.

I can't believe you told him.

Don't give up your work in despair.

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Close your eyes and tell me what you hear.

Listen to what the teacher says.

He ran on and on.

I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

I like her younger sister very much.

I was hoping you could do it.

I caught a bad cold.


They're out of sugar now.

Darci has been caught.

A lot of wild animals died for lack of food.


He drank plenty of black coffee so as not to fall asleep.


She got home at seven.

He dropped a vase.

How much money does a basement window like that cost?


They require me to work harder.

I shouldn't have backed down.

We cannot know everything in the world.

The quality of translation has improved.

Good bye, and thanks.

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Can we get some coffee?

I'm not able to have children.

His statement runs as follows.

Please do not go near the dog.

It's a good question. I will try to give a good answer.

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I'm sorry, I can't help.

"My mother's American, and my father is Uighur." "Really?" "No! I was joking!"

Few scientists understand the theory of relativity.

He was given a tip three weeks ago that two companies would merge.

I think Vincent will probably win.

I have more dresses than my sister.

He's a very promising young man.

She could not get over her husband's death.

The prices are high.

Dan's life is at risk.

That's the most immediate challenge.

We drank champagne last Christmas.

InoTV is a Russian-language news channel.

After we had walked for some time, we came to the lake.

My mother got after me for my sloppiness.

What do you want me to ask her?

That's an item from a famous company.


She expends her energy on parties.


Jim must be hospitalized at once.


Such was her joy that she shed tears.

Huashi wants to be respected.

Sharan is unnerved.

Friendship is magic.

What you do is up to you.

Huashi still seeks your approval.

There's not so much text in this book.

We can meet in the middle of the afternoon.

I'm glad you got to meet them.


Why is there no world peace?

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You should try it on.

And to those who thought they had defeated me, I reply to you with my victory.

The house where my father was born is just around the corner.


He picked up cans in the street.

Barrett is angry at you.

My mother doesn't concern herself with politics.

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Those says he's not hungry.

That hasn't convinced me.

Maybe if I find Andy, he can help me.

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Maybe I should write a letter to Brodie.

My daughter cut her veins with a piece of glass.

Matthieu picked some flowers from his garden for Think.

My name's Israel. What's yours?

They took on more than they could handle.

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Kyu discovered that life on the road wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

Here, this one's yours.

Can I give him a message?

Do we have to get up early tomorrow morning?

I'm having problems with them.

Anita pulled out his phone and took a picture of Nicolas's new car.

You mustn't miss seeing this wonderful film.

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Could anything be more romantic?

I'd never seen Takeuchi cry before.

We cannot depend on this report.

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Vistlik seems very pleased with himself.

I don't have a passport.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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Sandra I like, but her children I can't stand.

Try to explain this.

He has helped the poor throughout his life.

He was fighting for his life in the back of an ambulance.

I think it's good enough.

Some young people today are none the wiser for their university education.

It took me 2 hours to finish the essay.


You made that up, didn't you?

Have you ever read any novels by Agatha Christie?

We caught him red-handed.


I never plan anything.

Do you bring peace, or warfare?

Samuel jumped out of his car.

They beat the dog to a pulp.

Amarth won't give Marsha a chance.

How much are you willing to lose?

We'll have to think of someone else.


The kids, who were exhausted, fell asleep right away

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Don't worry. This won't happen again.

The relative calm that we've experienced in the last few years is deceptive.

Pratapwant needs help now.

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When are you going to return from Boston?


We agree from time to time.


You're trapped.

I miss my mother's cooking.

This chapter is the heart of the novel.


Have you ever compared the assertions of official propaganda to reality?

You're exaggerating, I think.

No one noticed us.

How do we know you're really a doctor?

Excuse me, are you Rees, by any chance?

On my bed is a coloured bedspread, which my grandma once made.

Oil is transported by tanker.


They told me you were the one who saved my life.

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I am brushing my hair.

How much are the lilies?

Have you decided what you'll do?

I cannot get the lid off.

Let's speak in English.

I was bidden to stay behind.

This course teaches basic skills in First Aid.

The express arrives at 6:30 p.m.

I don't play computer games.

We were very sad.

Don't gloat.

Does Jiri really want me to come to his party?

I will come, time permitting.


He gave his remembering of race horse names when he was a child as the source of his language ability.

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What do you really think about Donne?

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Do it again, the same as last time.

Ronni is obedient.

You must clean your room every day.

The evening meal is served between 9 and 12.

You need to get a real job.


Keiko is proud of her family.


Do you look your age?


Tuna didn't go to college.

He thinks he is somebody, but really he is nobody.

Instead of slapping him in the face, she spit in it, and walked contemptuously away.

I'll give you this camera.

Do you realize what you've done?

Lida lived for many years in a small Native American village in eastern Nicaragua.

Let's enjoy it.